Princess Juliana International Airport Parking

The management of Princess Juliana International Airport provides parking facilities to customers planning to leave their vehicles at the airport parking facility.

There are pick-up/drop-off areas outside the terminal and parking is located within walking distance of the entrance.

Generally, parking is charged at under a dollar per half hour for the first eight hours, and up to a dollar every two hours thereafter.

Passengers who want to park their car at the facility must ensure that they arrive earlier to have plenty of time to look for parking and avoid being late for their flight.

Tourists from different parts of the world arrive and depart here regularly, especially during peak season. Account for human traffic and the possibility of high demand for parking lots during this period.

As an alternative, you may also try to look at nearby locations if there are parking lots by independent providers.

The SXM Parking Facility

The public parking area has a capacity of fewer than 400 vehicles. Users receive a ticket, generated automatically when they access the parking lot, and which they have to pay inside the Terminal Building before they drive off their vehicles.

Users must abide by the rules and terms and conditions of the parking facility and note that it will not be responsible for the loss or damage of their parked vehicle.

Daily parking and weekly rates are different. Please call the parking office for additional details.

The rates quoted below are subject to change without prior notice.

Parking Rates (Monday - Thursday)

  • US$ 2.00 for the 1st hour
  • US$ 1.00 for every hour after

Parking Rates (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • US$ 2.00 for the 1st 30 mins
  • US$ 1.00 for the 2nd 30 mins
  • US$ 1.00 for every hour after

Parking Tips at Princess Juliana International Airport

  • Leave home and plan to arrive at the airport at least an hour earlier. In that way, you can potentially avoid the likelihood of driving around looking for parking availability. It could also delay your arrival at the departure gate promptly.
  • Check out the airport’s map. Before leaving for the airport, familiarize yourself with terminals, gates, access roads, and parking locations.
  • When traveling with a piece of luggage, be mindful of the distance between the parking location and the terminal gates. Also, look if there are shuttle buses available in your vicinity.
  • Especially during the long holidays, rush hour, and high travel seasons, vehicles at the parking area may cause a jam at the bottleneck at the security checking area and the airport gates.
  • When there are lots of passengers, this also means that the airport shuttle services are slow and overcrowded, packed with people and their luggage.
  • Unannounced security measures can also inconvenience your schedule, and it’s hard to prepare for them.
  • Unannounced maintenance and construction work can mean detours that you will have to take to get to your parking spot at the airport.
  • When traveling with your vehicle to the airport, provide enough time to account for possible delays on the road.

Map of Car Parks at Princess Juliana Airport